Friday, May 31, 2013

College Education

With the rise of for-profit colleges that buy their accreditation by taking over schools that lack capitol this will only get worse.

There are many, many colleges suffering from debt with interest that grows faster than inflation and their income.  They get bought up then centralized, reducing community employment and distribution of wealth.  It has happened.  It is happening now.  It will happen.

Wall Street will raid the college system much like the industrial sector then leave the remains and fractured local economies.

Much like K-12 the system needs an overhaul so does public colleges.

I worked at two and know a little of what they get away with and how the same people who write the rules of accreditation go on to be highly paid administrators so that they can avoid the pitfalls of the rules they wrote.

Society needs better common goals for the future.  We need to think about space and science and stop being afraid of our existential dilemma trying to live sheltered, plastic lives in suburbia.

The future is in the sciences but creationists and evangelists are being used to assault progress for short term financial gain.

While many suffer few get fat with blood like fleas on a dog.

---my reaction this great article on Dangerous Minds-

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