Friday, May 25, 2018

BOYSTOWN by Jake Biondi

How many times have you flipped through channels endlessly, browsed through streaming channels, looking for just the right thing?  You’ve watched all of QaF, Noah’s Arc, and the L Word.  You want representation, not just those side characters who never move the plot.  You’re considering watching reruns just to try to capture those moments again but maybe you’re like me and you know it too well.

BOYSTOWN reminds us that books are for reading not just putting on the shelf.  A serialized story collected and formatted for easy reading pleasure.  It is a well told blend between TV and the traditional novel that captures the speed of TV and the emotional depth of a novel.  It is told in a skilled narrative that hops from character to character and will leave you wanting more and you will be quickly satisfied when the author catches back up to them.  

Just like a talented magician, it is easy to forget just how well Jake Biondi builds the world of Chicago’s BOYSTOWN.  It is a slick narrative that harvests the emotion of the characters while capturing the necessary details of the city.  I found myself relating to the characters who are not just going through the more common dramas of moving to a new city, dealing with an alcoholic partner, and finding new love but the high stakes drama of affairs, a stalker ex-boyfriend, and kidnapping.  Told with suspense and mystery, ordinary people who struggle with love and loss.

But be warned, this is just the beginning of the story.  Just as any TV show would leave you with a cliffhanger so does BOYSTOWN.  And you’ll want to know more, you’ll want to see the rest of their lives unfold.
Seasons 1-8 are currently available.

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