Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Character, New Romance - Inside the Beltway

In this week's post to Inside the Beltway I am introducing the character of Josh who is trying to get out of an abusive relationship with another man. He is welcomed by the guys and taken in by Spencer who has his own apartment, and although Spencer spends a lot of time with the guys he also likes his alone time and a new roommate doesn't really allow for that... but maybe there is also some kind of connection?

While I am not looking to get into the graphic depiction of abuse I feel, know, the scars of trauma can be painful and want to treat it with respect.

The issue was one I didn't think about much as a younger gay man and I haven't yet seen it portrayed or talked about much.  Was it in L Word? I only saw a few episodes of that show which I thought was great but never got around to collecting.

But I digress, Josh, domestic abuse, healing, and maybe a little romance will be in the mix. I have posts for the next three weeks and leads for several more to flesh it out so I hope you check it out and stick around.


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