Friday, January 31, 2014

Inside the Beltway (New Blog)

It just feels good to be doing something. I decided to start posting my serialized, gay fiction work 'Inside the Beltway' to my own blog. Chapters 1-15 should now be up.

Ch 15 Preview-
Drinking on the weekends became drinking every night until he had a collection of bottles in the cupboards of his kitchen instead of dishes, along the counters, and windowsills.

Sometimes they had a utility by holding candles but afterwards, after he decided to detox, go to AA and quit, well they were a reminder.  He hated the sound they made, bottle against bottle, grinding as he carried the bottles by the brown paper bag full, two or three in each hand to the dumpster where he set them to the side.  They were gone the next day, collected by one of the city’s many homeless, someone had hit the mother load.  He could smile about that minimal good that came from his habit, his indulgence, no his suffering.


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